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The History of Rocky in Madison

The Rocky Horror Picture Show started playing in Madison at The Majestic Theatre in May of 1978 and Madison's first shadow cast, The Dark Refrain, formed in 1984. Decadence, Madison's second shadow cast, was formed in January of 1987 and continued to preform at The Majestic Theatre until March of 1999 when the Majestic Theatre closed.

Madison's cast of Tiny Fools formed when the Majestic Theatre re-opened in December of 2000. The Magestic closed once again in August 2002 to be reopened as a dance club in February of 2003. The Tiny Fools moved to Madison's Orpheum Theatre in September of 2002, and performed there on and off until October of 2004. (If you're looking for photos of Tiny Fools, check out our Tiny Fools Photo Archive.)

Madison's Velvet Darkness cast (that's us!) formed in November of 2004 from the remaining members of Tiny Fools, and continued to perform until late 2007 at the Orpheum Theatre. We are currently reworking our situation to return to the Majestic.

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