Website: Sorry, I'm html impaired.
Email: chosenofanonstandardgod (at) gmail
Sex: Female and Jiggly
Roll/s: The female roles. It's kind of hard to hide my female-ness.
Time on Cast: Since April 16, 2005.
Casts performed with/on: Tiny Fools (Mar 2002 - Feb 2004) and Velvet Darknes
Casts seen: Tiny Fools, Velvet Darkness and Sensual Daydreams
Favorite Movie: The LOTR series, Love Actually and Shaun of the Dead
Favorite Movie Quote: "Kids, don't buy drugs. Become a pop star and they give you them for free."
Favorite Socks: Quarter socks. I like 'em short
Favorite Online Comic: Questionable Content They sold me my "Aerodynamically Curvaceous" shirt.
Favorite Gland: Pituitary. It does so much!
Favorite Cocktail: Bloody Mary, easy on the celery salt. Note: It only takes one.
Favorite Captain Kirk Blowjob line: "I thought it was Geordi but don't take my word for it." I watched way too much PBS as a child.
Actor/Actress from Rocky you would most like to sleep with: Susan Sarandon
Most Incredible Moment of Obliviousness: I tend to believe that people mean yes when they say yes, but this isn't often the case.