The Cast

We’re a motley group of people of varied interests who get together on a semi-regular basis to celebrate/torture ourselves with this “fine” piece of cinema.

Butthole Baggins (She/Her)
Roles: Janet, slut-eating tree, props
Joined cast on May 26th, 2017, wants to try playing Rocky or Trixie. She’s an uninhibited presence plugged into the rhythm of the universe with insatiable curiosity.

Dominus (He/Him)
Roles: Brad
Joined in the spring of 2019.

The DEVIOUS One (Zirke/Zerkus)
Roles: Frank, Brad, Riff, Casting Director, Make-up, and Costume Consultant
From the 12th planet of the Xeberon system in the Pleiades nebula, the DEVIOUS One has decided humans are worthy of death. Joined cast some time in the mid 90s, hopes to try playing Janet, Eddie/Dr. Scott, and Columbia.

Marley (They/Them)
Roles: Trixie, Magenta, Transylvanian
Joined in December of 2014, Marley is an actor in classical theatre, a geek, a horror addict, and a fanatic fan of far too many things. In their spare time, Marley enjoys Broadway, cosplay, writing fanfiction, spending too much time online, Disney, rooting for the underdog, dead things, T1 RP, collecting dolls and toys, and crying over fictional characters. They’d like to play Eddie or Columbia some time.

Peach (She/Her)
Roles: Props, Dr. Scott, Janet
Kayla is a bruised, chaotic fruit. She first saw the movie in middle school, was confused and aroused. Saw her first shadow cast as a junior in high school. She’s been friends with the cast for years and was finally bullied into joining in 2019. She is now a slave (and loves it).

Lantry (It)
Roles: Yes
Member since 1993, wants to play an audience member who gets kicked out.

Scott (He/Him)
Roles: Eddie, Dr. Scott
“I drink, therefore I am.” Started attending in 2001, joined cast because he got tired of paying. He likes being here, and has gotten weird since then.

Robert (He/Him)
Roles: Rocky, Brad, Riff
Grew up in a cult and Rocky Horror was also a cult so it’s only natural he found it. Saw it at geek.kon (RIP) 2013 and kept coming to shows. Cast noticed him and soon enslaved him. He will never pass up an opportunity to have hundreds of people see him in underwear.
“Check ou my music at and follow me on Insta @president_long_boi and DM me tit pics”

Mirima (She/Her)
Roles: Slacker Social Media, Props
Was part of the now defunct Formal Dress Optional out of Newark, Delaware back in 2004-2007. Joined in March of 2020, just in time for a pandemic!

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