The Cast

Name: Robert AKA Flobért
Time on Cast: Since September 2015
Role(s): Rocky
Robert Walter is 6 4 . Robert Walter is 24 years old. Robert Walter is from Madison, Wisconsin. He has been on cast since September, 2015. Robert Walter likes theater and music. Robert Walter is passionate and sensitive. Robert Walter is a love machine. Robert Walter likes disco. Robert Walter wants you to like him as much as he likes you. Robert Walter understands. Robert Walter listens. Robert Walter is still single. Ladies, you need Robert Walter in your life. Talk to Robert Walter. He is here for you.

Name: Ash

Time on Cast: 1994 to present with a couple breaks
Role(s): mostly Frank, but have played every role at least once
Ash landed on Earth in 1973, in the Hellishly cold tundra village of Janesville WI. He studied the behavior of the native species, and found them worthy of death. Currently he works in the most toxic industry possible (fashion) in the hopes that his designs will kill the maximum number of humans. Aside from this, Ash paints portraits of dead persons, plays the electric oboe and bassoon (simultaneously), and researches Revolutionary Medievalism. He keeps a low profile most of the time, despite his outlandish tastes, except for his political advocacy for nuclear war and the overall genocide of the planet.

Name: Kyle
Time on cast: Since 1996
Role(s): Criminologist
Kyle Konop first joined Madison’s shadow cast in 1996.  Outside of a short stint as Eddie in the mid 00s and a show or two as Riff, he has played Criminologist exclusively…primarily because it offers a great platform to shout callbacks.  Kyle also handles preshow announcement duties and audience complaints (violently).

Name: Skyler

Time on cast:

Role(s): Brad

Bio: Skyler was first exposed to Rocky Horror on Halloween at the tender age of 2 and has not missed either watching, starring in or directing a shadowcast on Halloween since. They stared in and co-directed their school’s midnight madness at Beloit College. They have also lived in Japan for two years and put on the first midnight madness in Tokyo’s gay district, which received great reviews. Basically Dr. Frank has left an indelible MOM tattoo on their heart and they wish to continue spreading the interstellar message of absolute pleasure to the Madison community, internationally, and project it through space… Or even time itself! In their spare time they hawk the finest dildos and other carnal curiosities at local sexy shop Red Letter News and hope you stop by and say hi!


Name: Sandy

Time on Cast: Since December 2014 (on and off)
Role(s): Transylvanian (currently), Magenta (past)

Sandy was somewhat of a latecomer to RHPS: she was forbidden to see it when she was younger, and assumed the reason was gore (she thought the “horror” in the title was literal). She finally saw the film at age 19, at Freakfest, and has loved it ever since. Sandy also works in classical theater with the adult section of Madison’s Young Shakespeare Players. Favorite past roles include the Ghost in “Hamlet,” Jacob Marley and Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol,” and the Dauphin in “St. Joan.” She is a geek, a horror addict, a Brony, a fanatic fan of too many things, and generally all-around insane. Sandy enjoys anime, spending far too much time online, Disney, rooting for the underdog, dead things, Broadway, cosplay, T1 RP, collecting dolls and toys, and anything supernatural.