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Welcome to the website of Madison's own Rocky Horror Cast!
You are transvestite number since January 15, 2005.

Velvet Darkness Announcements

Update! 06/20/2011!

Rocky takes Geek Kon!

Come And took it we did! All and all a pretty good show, especially for our first time in the venue. Turn out was a good crowd too. A link to Geek Kon has been added to the links page. Barring the unforseeable, this looks be a permanent annual gig.

Watch for it!

Meanwhile, we are still casting our net for a more regular show. If your theatre is interested in playing the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Madison area and would like a well seasoned cast to help get your show started, contact myself or our cast liason, Liz. We are also entertaining the option of courting some other cons . . .

The mailer on the bottom left there is still turned off, and at this point more likely to be removed as we seem to be moving our cast business off of the Yahoo groups and onto Google. Keep ignoring it for now.

Keeping it lit, Lantry

Interested in joining cast? Download an application (RTF or PDF) and bring it to a show!

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