What’s all this about, anyway?

Ever since 1975, the Rocky Horror Picture Show has run on a regular basis.

Following it’s initial theatrical release, it’s become the Saturday Night cult classic and rite of passage for many, many people, and has played in theaters throughout Madison and the country for the last four decades.

The live shadow cast first appeared in Madison under the name Dark Refrain in the late seventies, and has continued in various forms to the present day Velvet Darkness. Although we don’t perform as often as ANYONE would like, we are always working with theaters to bring our special brand of insanity to the stage.

2 comments on “What’s all this about, anyway?
  1. Carolyn Buzby says:

    Hey there!

    My name’s Carolyn. I moved to Madison last year and have been looking to get involved in the Rocky scene out here. I was super involved with my college’s shadow cast in NJ [mostly behind the scenes stuff, directing AP and the actual show twice…..although I’ve been told my Trixie performances were quite memorable]. I’d be interested in helping you guys out in any way I can! Or else just hang out with some like minded folks.


    • admin says:

      Whoa. I’m so sorry. Activity has been so sparse, I forgot to check in. We are ALWAYS looking for more people, and would love any help offered. Trixie is ALWAYS in demand, plus any other roles you might be willing to consider.

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